Isn't it fascinating how evolutionary creativity
is woven right into the fabric of the Universe??

It is to me, anyway.  :-)

& something I especially LOVE about being a
human is that we can consciously participate
in that evolution, as co-creative partners...

& not just biological evolution, but social, cultural, 
emotional, intellectual, psychological, & spiritual
evolution... I'm in love with that idea & practice!

And I think there is a new development afoot
in the process of this psycho-spiritual evolution...

The age of solitary salvation is over.  
The era of individual enlightenment has ended.

(The truth is, there never was such a thing, but
it seemed more like it in the past.)

Thich Nhat Hanh said something like: The next
time the Buddha comes, it will not be as an
individual, but as a community.

I am grateful to have done a lot of relatively solitary
practice (10-day silent meditation retreats, etc) and
I highly recommend it, to all who feel called... but a
powerful 21st century spiritual practice also includes
using communication, conflict, intimacy, sexuality, &
relating to "others" as central to a powerful path of
transformation....(Hence "R/evolutionary R/elating").

And this interpersonal spiritual practice can't just
be learned intellectually. It must be practiced,
integrated, embodied... So when I teach a
workshop in which I share ideas and skills,
that's just the beginning!... 

What's really needed is a community of practice,
coming together to dive in deeply to the practice.
to learn, experientially, through open-hearted
engagement with each other... I am deeply
committed to co-creating such community.