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Welcome to the weekend devoted to Transformational Relationships & Sexuality. 

Friday night - The Playful Art of R/evolutionary R/elating

Saturday - Creating & Sustaining R/evolutionary Relationships

Sunday - Transformational Eros & Soulful Sex

Taber Shadburne (www.taberji.org) is a master trainer of Radical Honesty, founder of R/evolutionary R/elating and Church of Soul (California, USA), experienced psychotherapist and meditator, music lover, relationship counselor and spiritual teacher will be giving lectures and leading practices for a different approach to sexuality and relationships.

Friday 19-21:30h
Fri-dance introduction to the weekend:
Transformational teaching, connection exercises, ecstatic dance, free form play & intimacy.

Saturday 11-19h (incl. lunch break)
Creating & Sustaining R/evolutionary Relationships

Sunday 10-18h (incl. lunch break)
Transformational Eros & Soulful Sex

All days can be attended separately. 
Friday workshop is donation based. Suggestion sliding scale between 10 EUR to 20 EUR. 
Saturday ticket 115 EUR
Sunday ticket 115 EUR
Please reserve your place by purchasing the ticket online.
Link to tickets here: http://bit.ly/2uGjYHG

FRIDAY - The Playful Art of R/evolutionary R/elating
19-21:30h (arriving 18:45 for registration, door closes at 19h)

Come join us for an Exciting Experiential Evening...
Come and learn by playing in the Realm
of R/evolutionary R/elating.
Explore your Edges & Discover your Desires...

Practice the art of Creating Connection... 
and not just any connection, but deep,
soulful connection, which is healing,
nourishing, and transformational.

Uncover your authentic offering... & give it
Learn to ask for what you truly want... & receive it

Engage in Ecstatic spiritual work & play
in the Context of Conscious, Compassionate Community

SATURDAY - Creating & Sustaining R/evolutionary Relationships
(arriving 10:45h for registration, door closes at 11:00h, lunch break between 14:30-15:30h)

Let's consider a perspctive on relationships..
The point of a relationship is not what folks usually think. 
The ultimate purpose of an intimate relationship is not romance, pleasure, baby-making.

The ultimate purpose is transformation. 
That's why relationships seem difficult. 

So the message is, yes, relationships feel hard and difficult. 
The message is... that's not a mistake. 
The mistake is thinking that this should be easy. 
Pleasure is what comes out of dealing with the challenges. 

You might have thought you were spiritual and you got somewhere by sitting on a cushion, but chances that this only got you so far, and the wonderful contribution of relationship is that it shows you vividly all the shit that you have not dealt with yet.

Now that you know that, how do you go around and maintain your relationships?

Welcome to Saturday R/evolutionary R/elating practice. We will learn to create sustainable evolutionary relationships that support you and us all in transformation and Love. 

SUNDAY - Transformational Eros & Soulful Sex
(arriving 09:45h for registration, door closes at 10:00h, lunch break between 13:30-14:30h)
The description is coming soon.

For questions, concerns, and suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact the organizer Jura via email workshops(at)juraglo.com


Friday, August 18th, evening - Sunday, August 20th, morning

Berlin, Germany

€180, scholarships available (contact workshops@juraglo.com)

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