• San Diego, California

Radical Honesty & R/evolutionary R/elating Re/treat

Led by Taber Shadburne, M.A., Creator of "R/evolutionary R/elating,"certified Master Trainer in Radical Honesty, & Founder of Church of Soul , Assisted By: John Rosania, CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises & Founder of Honesty Lab

Learn & Practice the Art of  

Truly Transformational Intimacy...

Creating Deep, Soulful, Connection...

Learning to Love Yourself, Others, & All That Is.


Come join us in sunny San Diego, for a life-changing 8-Day immersion in the art of R/evolutionary R/elating, Radical Honesty, and Radical Intimacy.  This Residential Retreat is an intensive experience of living and learning together in a small, intimate, conscious community.  Our time together will include: teaching powerful ideas, practices, and tools for transformation; experiential exercises and practical practices; spontaneous facilitation of individual and group processes; and plenty of time for Q & A, personal feedback, coaching, and counseling.  Also delicious food, with gorgeous views, and tears and laughter, and work and play, as well as music, singing and dancing.

“Transformation is a team sport -- let’s play!” ~ Taber Shadburne

Come learn how to...

Heal and release the past…

Arrive more fully in the Present…

Know & Love your own insides

-- the light, and the dark --

Then open-heartedly

Share yourself with others...

Creating deep connection...

Conscious community…

An inspiring vision

And purpose for

your future.

From Taber: “Let’s face it, we all yearn to give and receive love. We want richer relationships, deeper friendships, more closeness and community in our lives. We may even notice, in some quiet moments… that we’re dogged by a nagging sense of separateness.


And yet, when we look closely, we find that we, ourselves, are sabotaging the connection we want — with our own defensive conditioning, our old patterns of fear, dependency, and blame. We find that we are hiding from each other, fighting with each other.

How are we to drop this rusty armor so that we may, at last, see each other clearly… hold each other closely?  I’ve learned and developed a way to do just that, and I want to share it with you. As I have with thousands of others, for 30 years, in 20 countries, on 5 continents, I want to help you learn how to Love.”

Taber will teach, coach, and facilitate transformational conversation.  

You will do exercises & practice R/evolutionary R/elating...

With others... in real time...  You’ll learn to:

  • Heal close relationships, with full-body forgiveness

  • Shed your shame, let go of fear and attachment to approval

  • Open-heartedly share yourself and support others to do so

  • Be completely and compassionately honest

  • Go beyond blame and use anger and conflict creatively

  • Ask for everything you want, and expand your ability to give & receive

  • Create deeper love, connection & intimacy.


From John: “You’ll live together, in a truly supportive community, where you can be your FULL self, and experiment with living out loud, telling the truth, sharing what you notice about yourself and others, your feelings and thoughts… Soon you’ll see how often you are your own worst enemy! -- holding yourself back, blocking intimacy, and using your mind to make yourself stressed, unhappy, disconnected, anxious and depressed. Your constant worrying, carefulness, fear of saying the wrong thing, turns out to be mostly a waste of time!”

You will learn to identify, understand, and dismantle your defenses...

Lower the barriers to real love, intimacy, and connection...

You’ll learn how to go beyond hiding and fighting:

  • How & why we hide from each other, thus blocking the connection we crave.

  • Why & how we get lost in our minds, thus losing touch with reality and each other.

  • The main cause of all unproductive conflict… and how to solve it!

From Taber: “Without usually being aware of it, almost all of us are afraid of being fully present especially with each other.  Though we also want it, we're scared of experiencing deep connection...

Consequently, the way we communicate with each other doesn’t really support the creation of true intimacy. Rather, it constitutes an unconscious collusion to avoid real connection; it is unwittingly designed to distract us from the present and prevent too much intimacy.

This tendency is, of course, only exacerbated and intensified under stress.  In the face of anger, conflict, fear, nervousness, shame, guilt, embarrassment, or any of the other many experiences we don’t want to experience, our communication becomes even more unconscious, taking the form of withholding or blame, white lies or blatant dishonesty.

All of this leaves us feeling separated and disconnected from each other... and even from ourselves.  To paraphrase Carl Jung, loneliness doesn't come from having no one around, but from being unable to communicate about the things that matter most.  In other words, loneliness comes from the inability to speak and listen from the heart, the inability to hear and be heard, understand and be understood, about the deepest subjects of your soul."

You have experienced all of this, personally…

Have you not?


I want to share with you a whole new way of being together... It does require facing your fears and calling their bluff... but for those who are thoroughly tired of small talk and the dialogues of distraction, doing so is truly liberating.  For those who have gotten sick on the empty calories of junk food communication, this way provides real nourishment -- soul food.

By harnessing the power of mutual presence, conscious conversation, and what I call "R/evolutionary R/elating," we can create deep, soulful connection and community.  I am deeply honored and grateful to be facilitating the creation of just such transformational connection and community around the globe, and I can't imagine doing anything more rewarding and beautiful.

You’ll learn to use the transformational power of passion and presence:

  • The real sources of suffering – internally, and in relationships.

  • True meditation & how to make all of life, especially the pitfalls & potential of intimacy, into a powerful meditation.

  • How people usually (mis)use conversation to resist life, create suffering, and stay asleep, unconscious.

  • Recovery from our addiction to Dialogs of Distraction.

  • The 3 N’s of Conscious Conversation.

  • The 3 Languages of R/evolutionary R/elating, and when and how to use them.

  • Letting go of our painful attempts to control (ourselves & others).

  • Moving beyond all blame (of ourselves & others), beyond "good" and "evil".

  • Achieving actual acceptance & full-body forgiveness (of ourselves & others).

  • Learning to truly Love (ourselves & others).

From Taber: “I think that finding the right balance of having patience and compassion and acceptance for yourself, right where you’re at, AND intentionally scaring and embarrassing yourself, on purpose, is the most healing and powerful way to learn and grow.”

From John: “The key to intimacy is honesty. Clear and direct communication is a game-changer.”

Come experience the warm community, sweet fun, and life-changing power of this immersive, intensive residential retreat.  There’s nothing like this way of being together to support a major transformation in your life, your relationships, and your self...  Come see yourself anew, notice how you've been holding yourself back, and learn how to really connect, deeply and authentically, with others.

There will be meditation and movement, lectures, skills training, paired exercises, group process, individual facilitation, couple's work, spontaneous mutual magic, music, and (if you dare) dancing with wild abandon.




We start each morning with Movement and Meditation.  We learn to be deeply present within our own bodies and minds.  We cultivate a powerful form of Awareness Practice, that not only infuses our moving and meditating, but can then be brought into all of our daily lives, including conscious conversations, forming the foundation of R/evolutionary R/elating.

Break for Breakfast… and/or a little time for a shower, run, whatever...

Morning Circle Session: We check in with each other, and see how we are doing. Then we engage in teachings, exercises, Q & A, individual and group process work, coaching, counseling, and conscious conversations.



Time for Luscious Lunch followed by a couple hours of free time for napping, hiking, hanging out with new friends, meditating, journaling, reading, or whatever… Then, after the break...

Afternoon Circle Session: More Circle Work.  (Breaks for moving, dancing, stretching, etc)



Delicious Dinner with healthy foods, for a variety of diets

R/evolutionary Re/creation:  We gather together for various forms of spontaneous and co-creative play, like poetry and performance… like soulful cinema or story time… like moving and making live music… the sweet sounds of guitars and drums… and singing our hearts out or dancing with wild abandon...


Saturday, June 15, 2019 @ 7:00 PM -
Saturday, June 22,, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

$2700 before March 15th, $3200 after that. Hold your place with a $500 deposit. 

Cost includes: Shared housing, all meals and snacks, and over 50+ hours of teaching and group work. In addition, your fee includes followup and access to on-going online community with Taber and John.

*Airfare and ride to and from house are not included. 

Scholarships and payment plans available as needed.  To apply, fill out this form.

Cancelation Policy: 
Full refund if you cancel by May 1st, 2019. After that, you receive all costs minus the $500 deposit. The $500 deposit can be used toward a future workshop.

San Diego, California

If you have any questions about logistics or to learn more about the content of the workshop please reach out to Manal here.



Taber Shadburne, M.A., is a cutting-edge counselor and teacher of transformation who has helped thousands of folks transform their lives and their relationships for over 30 years.

He has led life-changing workshops in about 60 cities, in 20 countries, on five continents. He studied Zen for 10 years, lived and practiced at the Dharma Rain Zen Center, and has worked deeply with various spiritual teachers. He has a B.A. in Music and Comparative Religion and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.

Taber is the creator of the work known as R/evolutionary R/elating, which he teaches all over the world. He has also worked closely with Dr. Brad Blanton for 20 years, and is the only person ever to be certified by Brad as a Master Trainer of Radical Honesty. Taber co-authored a book, "The Heart of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort from Today's Leading Voices," with notables such as Deepak Chopra, and he founded the Church of Soul, in Oakland, California. He is also a passionate professional musician and recording artist. Read more about him here, or check out what others have to say here.  

Taber will be assisted by John Rosania, the CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises, founder of Honesty Lab and a Radical Honesty Trainer. John has taught Radical Honesty workshops around the US and led wellness courses at companies like CBS, Google, Martha Stewart Living. Read more about John here