• M.A. in Psychology

  • Certified Master Trainer of Radical Honesty

  • Lived in a Zen center for years and did lots of serious spiritual study and practice

  • Co-author of “The Heart of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort from Today’s Leading Voices”

  • Founder of The Church of Soul in Oakland, California

  • Singer-songwriter

  • Funky-ass dancer

HI, I’m Taber

I’m a spiritual counselor and guide, a teacher of transformation.

I love practicing, teaching and facilitating what I call R/evolutionary R/elating, as well as “Radical Honesty”. 

My relationships aren’t “normal”.  Relating is my extreme sport, my 21st century spiritual path, my spontaneous art form.

Consequently, I’m just not very interested in most of what passes for normal conversation.

Instead, I’m passionately pursuing – creating, practicing, and teaching – the esoteric spiritual art form of a truly transformational intimacy.

And, I want any and all who dare, who feel so called and think they can hang, to join me in playing this life changing game together.

I think that finding just the right balance of intentionally scaring and embarrassing yourself, and having compassion, empathy and patience for yourself, right where you’re at, is the best way to learn and grow.  And, that growing and learning to share your own unique gifts with others and spreading more love in the world is the best way to live.


I help people get to really know
and love their own insides
the light and
the dark
share themselves
with others, creating
deep, soulful connection

- Taber