Because we really want to make this work accessible to all, we are offering this event as a gift to the community. And because we want to keep being able to do so, reaching more and more people, we welcome you to give your gifts of support, to the degree that you are able and inspired to give.

If you’re coming for Friday night only, all you need to do is let us know who you are so we can save you a spot.

If you want to attend the full workshop, please give a $100 deposit to reserve your spot (or reach out to make other arrangements). On Sunday, we will invite you to give an additional gift, to support the work, and support us in supporting you. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Friday Evening: Suggested Donation $10 - $20
Weekend Workshop: Suggested Donation $200 - $500 (If you can’t afford the base amount please fill out this scholarship

Friday evening is open to everyone even those who aren't attending the full weekend - come and bring your friends! 

If you have any questions note them below, or email Manal here.

Friday Evening Registration

If you are only planning to attend Friday night, just fill in your name and email. If you’re attending the whole weekend, skip this section and press the button under Weekend Workshop Registration.

Note that if you come Friday and love the workshop, there will be opportunities to sign up for the weekend in person. So, you might want to keep your weekend free just in case.

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Weekend Workshop Registration

If you’re coming for the whole weekend, please note that your attendance on Friday is required. Click the button below to register and submit your deposit.