Here’s the current working version of our mission, vision and values to help give you a deeper sense of what we’re trying to create.  This is a living document, always changing as we grow as an organization. 



We help people learn to lead lives of love, passion, and purpose while co-creating conscious communities.



We’re building a worldwide community of transformation, celebration, service.



People lead lonely, fragmented lives, disconnected from their own hearts and souls, and from each other.  

They often sleepwalk through life, on automatic pilot, slaving away at jobs they don’t like, with no real sense of passion or purpose.  And, they don’t know how to get along with each other and create real love and intimacy.  They often suffer from chronic conflicts, inside and out, and/or a lack depth and real connection.  They crave belonging, cooperation, and community, but lack the skills to create the new, deep, transformational relationships that they, consciously or unconsciously, crave.

As Henry David Thoreau said, most of us "lead lives of quiet desperation".  The incredible loss of potential and creativity of people living this way, instead of with a sense of love and purpose and inspired co-creativity.  The need for what I call the next evolutionary leap required of us, as a species, if we are to SURVIVE, let alone THRIVE.



We teach people to use communication and intimacy and close relationships and conscious community as path of evolutionary transformation.  We teach them how to skillfully navigate through conflict, using it to achieve ever deeper levels of love and creativity.

We teach them to stop being seekers and consumers of love, and to become, instead, skilled creators of love and intimacy and connection.  We help them learn to lead lives of deep purpose and co-creativity.  We offer this medicine through various formats and media: an international membership website; virtual courses; shorter, local, non-residential, live workshops; longer, residential retreats; online or in- person counseling and groups; books, videos, audios; and, ultimately, transformational community.  

The front door may be transformational intimate relationships, but part of the larger message is that healthy relationships exist within a matrix of conscious community.